P.M.P Co

It is very difficult to keep up with the tremendous pace of science and technology progress in the twenty-first century. But we have been able to prove our proper place and effectiveness using specialists and the world's latest technology, and cooperating with famous domestic and foreign developed and industrial laboratories.

Designing and manufacturing advanced and smart electronic board with extremely elegant reflective reflector and two-layer glass of anti-reflective coating, is the result of a product which produces maximum luminous intensity, and creates a large distance range with the lowest possible energy consumption.

Invention / Innovation / Novation

The firsts in Parto Mabda’ Pargas group

  • The first long-range spotlight designer without using the lens in Iran and the world
  • The first EX explosion-proof spotlight manufacturer in Iran and the Middle East
  • The first producer of ultra-low-power consumption spotlight in Iran and the Middle East
  • The first designing of portable and searchable spotlight in Iran and the Middle East
  • The first innovator spotlight with very low heat (35+) in Iran and the Middle East
  • The first and only spotlight manufacturer which has reached colored imaging capabilities of night vision VCR systems at night
  • The first water permeable spotlight and throwing light upto depth of 40 meters in Iran and the Middle East

About the group and objectives


One of the leading companies in providing energy efficient and environmentally suitable lighting products and to benefit from lower energy consumption


Utilization of technology and innovation in providing customer services. We assume technology and innovation as a factor for maintaining and developing the market and accordingly we outline the company's future


Providing lighting products with very low consumption and strong light beam using the best components with optimum standards

Trust and responsibility and understanding

Our performance is based on creating sense of resposibility, understanding and mutual trust between employees and management. Employees' progresses create a favorable environment for the development and promotion of employees to achieve company's goals


Our relationship with customers and business partners is in such a way that both parties can benefit from it, The realization of all the component elements of culture requires employees' promotion of knowledge toward company's goals and this culture is true for everyone in the organization